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Emily Tries…Aerial Acrobatics


Okay, so…many of you know I turned 30 this year. As I went into a new decade of life, I started to realize how much of my life I have spent stressed, worried, afraid & controlled by what others would think of me. I have started tossing all of that out the window. I want to spend my life glorifying God & having adventures, no matter what others think…so this is one that I decided to go for…Aerial Acrobatics.

FB_IMG_1580665298485.jpgI discovered recently that aerial acrobatics is offered in Angier, NC by an awesome instructor named Constance, through Ambition Aerial Arts, at our local gymnastics studio. So of course…I HAD to try it!

What is aerial acrobatics, anyways? It’s different kind of flying maneuvers done from ropes & hanging apparatus…and honestly, as I’ve never done any of this before…I definitely wasn’t doing much flying (as you’ll see in the video below 😉 ).

Watching Constance, the instructor, demonstrate the moves looked like it was going to be incredibly easy, but doing it on my own was pretty difficult. It’s surprising how much upper body strength it takes to do, but even in the trying, I got a great workout & still felt IMG_20200107_213827_444.jpgsuper relaxed afterwards. We started the hour-long session by getting warmed up with some basic calisthenics, arm & leg stretches. We did a lot of the arm stretches off the mat & we actually did some of the stretches using the silks (the fabric hanging apparatus). From there, Constance, taught us some of the basics: how to get on & off the silks without swinging on them like monkeys (although it was tempting), how to stand on the silks (which is the basics to being able to climb), back stretches,  hanging forward & backward, the star & box poses, upside down buddha, & “the diaper”…which was one of the hardest but also funniest ones for me. We ended the session by doing some upper body strength training lifts on the silks…again…also hard but very relaxing…& then we finished up with some nice yoga stretches.

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Overall, this was an amazing adventure. Doing it made me feel confident, helped me relax, helped me get a fun (but chill) workout, & helped me pinpoint areas I need to strengthen even more. Her class is really affordable, it’s just $25 for an hour class or you buy a package of 5 classes for $100. Ultimately, it was tons of fun & completely worth it, so make sure to check it out.

Be blessed, friends!

**Disclaimer: I didn’t receive any services for free, I fully paid for & participated in the class.

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