Frequency vs. Consistency

I recently read a post about the impact having a “consistency” mindset vs a “frequency” mindset can have for someone with ADD/ADHD. I’ve never officially been diagnosed with ADD, but many of my tendencies lean that direction & I just happened to develop coping mechanisms along the way due to my circumstances, home life, &… Continue reading Frequency vs. Consistency

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God’s Way: When It’s Unexpected but Better

Over the past few weeks I’ve been reading through the book of Exodus & Mark. Again, so many people say that the Old Testament, or the Bible in general, is not relevant to today or to life, but there are so many things in the history of the Israelites that strike me & are very… Continue reading God’s Way: When It’s Unexpected but Better

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What is a Mother?

A mother is… A carrier & bringer of life. Unconditional love & devotion. Self-sacrificial & all-in. Missed when they’re not around. A shoulder to cry our broken hearts on. A mind of wisdom in times of burden or fear. As gentle as a morning rain. Stronger than anyone. A heart of compassion, pride, & joy.… Continue reading What is a Mother?