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My name is Emily Grace, I am a wife, first-time mom, fur-mommy of 3. I recently transitioned from working full-time outside the home to being self-employed & I love every minute of it. I have a heart to encourage others. Most of all, I love Jesus & I am SO thankful that Jesus loves me because I absolutely do not deserve it.

I was raised in the church, in a Christian family, & “prayed the prayer” when I was 6, “re-dedicated” my life to Christ at 13, & I’m pretty sure I’ve been baptized twice. I have always had a lot of head-knowledge of my faith, but over the last year God has been allowing me to walk through difficulty after difficulty, doing what was needed to be done to tear down so much pride in my life so I can see just who I am without Him & just how much I absolutely need Him as my Savior.

All this time I thought “I was good”…comparing myself to others rather than throwing myself at the foot of the cross. The past 3 years of so have been some of the hardest for me- walking through marriage difficulties, a pandemic, fighting intentional sin in my life, an infertility diagnosis & IVF treatment. But through every step, as Christ has shown me just how much I was idolizing everything else, He has shown me He is good & faithful. He has shown me abundant grace & chased me down despite myself.

I look at the choices I’ve made & am in awe that Christ still loves me & pursues me…let alone, He knew every choice I’d make when He died on the cross for me…& you. And that is what I want to share- His hope & the lessons He’s taught me along the way…that He is good & worth surrendering to, even in the hard & difficult things.


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