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Not What I Expected

The last you heard from me we were expecting the arrival of our first baby, Selah Grace. Well, she arrived in June! Between the end of the pregnancy & the first weeks of living out motherhood I have been pretty quiet. A big part of that is because being a mom has not at all… Continue reading Not What I Expected

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What a Year And Oh How I am Thankful For it

What a year. Honestly, I feel that about sums it up in a sentence…just…what. a. year. Pandemics, murder hornets, hurricanes, protests from all sides, a crazy election, job losses, loss of loved ones. It feels like a year where we have been tossed in the middle of boxing ring with 50 boxers on all sides,… Continue reading What a Year And Oh How I am Thankful For it

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Less is More

Oh me. Where do I even begin with this topic? Sometimes I just feel so overwhelmed. I’m overwhelmed by the amount of un-used junk we own. I’m overwhelmed by my to-do lists or the number of obligations I’m precariously balancingĀ on my plate. TO be honest, I often dream of what it would be like to… Continue reading Less is More

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When the Setbacks Come

Ya’ll remember a few weeks ago when I was telling you all about my handy-dandy routine & how it would help me going through a couple of really hectic months? HA! Well…pardon me as I laugh at myself & my past, overly-optimistic self. Between crazy schedules, special events, & ending up rather sick…my little routine… Continue reading When the Setbacks Come