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A Quiet Christmas

Anyone who knows me knows that Christmas. Is. My. Jam. I have always loved it. The nostalgia of the lights, the greenery, picking out the right tree, bringing it home, putting it up & decorating it, wearing warm, fuzzy sweaters, drinking hot chocolate, all the gifts, excitement, & general merriment. All of it. I have… Continue reading A Quiet Christmas

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Joy: A Matter of Perspective

**Spoiler Alert!!! If you’re a fan of the show “Call the Midwife” but you haven’t watched this past season (season 7) & you plan to…you may want to be wary of today’s post. I’ll try to be as vague”ish” as possible…but that doesn’t always work so well with me…just sayin’. So…in the last 2 episodes… Continue reading Joy: A Matter of Perspective

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Nothing In Comparison

How incredibly beautiful this world is. Sit back & imagine it. Think of the most incredibly beautiful things you can think of. Maybe you’re contemplating the sparkly lights & glittering ornaments hanging on your tree. Maybe you’re thinking about the pleasure of the first sip of a frothy & sweet mug of hot chocolate or… Continue reading Nothing In Comparison

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Finding My North Star…In Christ

Over the past few days I’ve been thinking a lot about routines. Even yesterday I discussed new routines for the blog, but one major area in my life that I am working to improve is my time with God in the Bible and conversation with Him in prayer. I am in the process of reading… Continue reading Finding My North Star…In Christ

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The Value of Laughter

Laughter…it’s one of my most favorite sounds in the world. It can make a bad day great. It can relieve stress. It can break the ice in an awkward conversation or help you make friends. And just like the way we¬†use words, the way we laugh can communicate a lot. Laughter communicates if you’re genuinely… Continue reading The Value of Laughter