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Trading-In Moments

Exhaustion. Frustration. Irritation.As lingering congestion hangs on from last month’s ick, these feelings seem to well up for a moment as she cries & grows restless in my arms.“I just want to sleep” is the thought that flits through my mind.Then I pause & remind myself that this moment almost wasn’t possible.So I breathe in… Continue reading Trading-In Moments

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For God With Grace

Let’s be honest, we’re heading into a season of the year where these two things should consume our thoughts & actions…& yet they are usually the last things on our minds- somewhere under baking cookies & buying presents on the to-do list. We’re bombarded with personal expectations, societal pressures, family obligations & tensions. It’s supposed… Continue reading For God With Grace

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Travel Tips for a Fun & Frugal Williamsburg Weekend Vacay

My husband & I have made it a kind of goal to visit different cities (some larger & some smaller) whenever we go on vacations. We’re not the kind of vacationers who fill up every single minute of the trip with plans & things to do. When we travel, we try to visit for 3-4… Continue reading Travel Tips for a Fun & Frugal Williamsburg Weekend Vacay

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What God Gave Me for My 27th Birthday…

I don’t know about ya’ll, but this past week has felt super hectic. Between being snowed inside by one of our lovely NC “snow”/*butreallyonlyice* storms for 3 days, enjoying my birthday, then heading back to work, I feel like I’ve just been goinggoingoingoingoing….hence, my delayed post today. Even still, this week was a week of… Continue reading What God Gave Me for My 27th Birthday…