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In Remembrance of What He has Done

If you were going to give advice to someone in the worst depths of depression & anxiety, your first thought probably wouldn’t be to tell that person to think of the worst things they have ever been through…& yet that was the advice I was given eight years ago when I was in the lowest… Continue reading In Remembrance of What He has Done

Encouragement · Faith, Life, and Marriage · The Encouragement Corner

A Quiet Christmas

Anyone who knows me knows that Christmas. Is. My. Jam. I have always loved it. The nostalgia of the lights, the greenery, picking out the right tree, bringing it home, putting it up & decorating it, wearing warm, fuzzy sweaters, drinking hot chocolate, all the gifts, excitement, & general merriment. All of it. I have… Continue reading A Quiet Christmas

Faith, Life, and Marriage · The Encouragement Corner

This Bit of Life

  Over the past few years I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, & feelings of being overwhelmed. In the past six months or so, I’ve slowly been feeling the desire to fight back, to crawl out of the burn-out hole I’ve dug myself into. There was a lot of inaction, stagnation, & procrastination (all the bad… Continue reading This Bit of Life

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The Best Kind of Make-up…

I am a people-watcher… No…I’m not the creepy person standing at your window or invading your bubble…I just enjoy humanity. I enjoy candid humanity- watching people’s reactions, expressions, how they live in the moment when they’re not worried about anyone around them…not because they generally don’t care, but more because they’re unaware. There’s just something… Continue reading The Best Kind of Make-up…