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Girl Left Behind

I’ve always struggled with fitting in & feeling self-conscious when trying to make new friends. And bless! Who knew this would still be an issue even as an adult. This struggle really piqued in my life just a few years ago. I was coming out of a year where I felt like I had lost… Continue reading Girl Left Behind

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Finding Peace in God’s Preparation

Closures.Protests.Supply-shortages.Inflation.Economic uncertainty.Political uncertainty.Global uncertainty. How’s your blood pressure doing now?The past few years have been insane & so incredibly stressful, but God has used it to teach me some incredibly important lessons & to grow a spirit of dependence on Him through it. The beginning of His lesson began in 2020. My husband’s business was… Continue reading Finding Peace in God’s Preparation

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Trading-In Moments

Exhaustion. Frustration. Irritation.As lingering congestion hangs on from last month’s ick, these feelings seem to well up for a moment as she cries & grows restless in my arms.“I just want to sleep” is the thought that flits through my mind.Then I pause & remind myself that this moment almost wasn’t possible.So I breathe in… Continue reading Trading-In Moments