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Trading-In Moments

Exhaustion. Frustration. Irritation.
As lingering congestion hangs on from last month’s ick, these feelings seem to well up for a moment as she cries & grows restless in my arms.
“I just want to sleep” is the thought that flits through my mind.
Then I pause & remind myself that this moment almost wasn’t possible.
So I breathe in deep, hold it, & let it out slowly.
As I breathe in deep I also begin the prayer in my mind.
Thanking the Lord for this moment, for this precious little girl in my arms.
Asking forgiveness for the frustration that can often be too common a companion in my life.
Praying for this sweet one’s soul, for her future, for her future-husband if it’s in His will for her.

I am learning to trade-in moments.
Trading-in the frustration for the gratitude.
Trading-in exhaustion for peace.
Trading-in irritation for peace & joy.
These are only the beginning of the grace-filled gifts & lessons God is giving me in this precious journey of motherhood.

Busy. Messy. Overwhelm. Frenzy.
As I look at my to-do list for the day, these feelings crash over me like a wave as I rush to get things done while she sleeps, then the eyelids pop open.
“Oh no! Not yet! I needed to get more done!” is the quick murmur of disappointment that passes my lips.
But then I see her smile…
The kind of smile that shines all the way through the corners of her eyes.
She has no care for to-do lists, only play time with Mommy.
Her tiny hand reaches out towards me from under her fuzzy blanket.
I grab hold with my index finger.
The pile of laundry & unkempt bed can wait.

I am learning to trade-in moments.
Trading-in worship of the to-do list for worship of the Giver of my daughter.
Trading-in the stress of it all for the calm of her resting in my arms.
Trading-in disappointment for giggles & games.
These are just the start of the beauty-filled blessings & joy God is giving me in this precious journey of motherhood.

These are the moments I have longed for.
So today?
Today, I’m trading-in moments.

Be blessed, friends!

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