Frequency vs. Consistency

I recently read a post about the impact having a “consistency” mindset vs a “frequency” mindset can have for someone with ADD/ADHD.

I’ve never officially been diagnosed with ADD, but many of my tendencies lean that direction & I just happened to develop coping mechanisms along the way due to my circumstances, home life, & expectations growing up.

One of the things the post shared was that for someone with ADD/ADHD trying to reach goals through a “consistency” mindset can actually cause them to be more likely to fail from the outset, because if they miss a day (which anyone with ADD/ADHD knows they will), they already see it as failure which leads them to feel defeated which leads to a higher chance of failure, overall. If you start out feeling or believing you are defeated or like you will fail, you probably will fail.

I have seen this occur in my own life. I get passionate about something, doubt myself from the outset but still try, but then just feel embarrassed & stop trying when I miss a day or a routine. So I’m going to try this new idea of practicing frequency…wanting to watch my frequency improve rather than feeling pressured to hit a certain number or goal daily/weekly, etc.

With that, I created a cute little frequency chart for myself. Starting Sunday, September 11th, there are exactly 16 full weeks between now & December 31st. I plan on using this little tracker to follow my FREQUENCY to hopefully watch more of the squares be filled by the end of the year rather than empty…but no pressure if there are some empty here or there. The goal is watching for the proverbial glass to be half full rather than looking out for the empties, if you catch my drift.

I’ve added a link below for you to download your own frequency tracker. It’s got a fill-in the blank so you can make it personal for you. Mine will be focused on increasing the frequency of my writing. Feel free to download it, share it, & share with me how you’re doing on your “frequency” journey!

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