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Write What You Know

People always say that if you’re going to write, to write what you know.

Honestly, until just recently I have genuinely struggled with that. I constantly have a desire to write but never actually know what to write about. It has often been overwhelming & then I allow myself to shut down. Or I want to write but become afraid of what people will think, & again, shut down. I literally had someone tell me last year they enjoy my blog because they thought it was encouraging. I froze up in fear after that & couldn’t figure out what to write after actually knowing & coming face-to-face with someone who actually reads this. It sounds completely ridiculous, I know…trust me…bless my poor sweet little heart, I know!! My brain just went “Holy crapola…people have actually read my blog…people…with real faces, brains, & personalities…not just statistics on the screen,” & I got scared of what those real-faced people would think of what I had to say. As I’ve been thinking on this, though, the idea of doing only encouragement posts felt really overwhelming- trying to come up with encouraging topics without being repetitive. (Bless my heart)

So, I started thinking about what I’m passionate about instead of just what I “know” & in the past few months it finally hit me…I may not know specifics to write about, but I know what I’m passionate about…1) Travel & hiking- really anywhere, but especially in my home state of NC, 2) Small businesses- well…because my husband & are are small business owners, & 3) Encouragement & self-growth in my faith in Jesus & life, in general. So that’s what I’ll be writing about.

The goal is to post on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 5th (when applicable) Fridays of each month beginning in December. There will be a smattering of posts for this month, also, so make sure to keep tuning back in throughout the month. The weekly posts themes will be as follows:

  • Week 1: Hiking & Outdoor Experiences
  • Week 2: Small-Business Spotlights
  • Week 3: Life & Faith Encouragement
  • Week 5 (when applicable): Emily Tries….the post where Emily tries….well…something new.

And ya know what? I might not hit every date, every target. I may struggle to hit every one or people might think I’m weird…but I’ve decided that at least I’m trying, growing, & having fun along the way. I won’t ask you to keep me accountable because that’s not your job- it’s mine.

So here’s to going, doing, trying, sharing, & having fun along the way.

Be blessed, friends!

PS- What are some things I should try or places my husband & I should go to hike? Businesses I should spotlight? Crazy (but family-friendly) things I should try? Help a sista’ out!

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