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When I Die…

Let me go ahead & get one thing out of the way, I am neither planning or hoping to die any time soon. In fact, I feel like this post will have more to do with life than with death. It’s just something that has been on my life a lot as of late…life…my life…& the value & impact I want it to have on this world before I leave it, whenever that may be. And besides…I guess it’s important to think about how I want to live now before there’s no more time left to do it. Honestly, I don’t know why it has been on my mind, I just know I have this intense passion burning in my heart…one that is beyond words. A passion that makes me determined not to live an average life, but one that is extraordinary.

Some people have the idea that having a meaningful life means having a spouse, a nice house, fenced-in yard, children, a dog, nice car, good 9-5 career, fat savings & retirement accounts, the best clothes, & more. For some reason though, I just don’t see my life being quite that predictable. While yes, I have some of those things…I don’t feel like I would be missing out on life or something major if I didn’t have every one of them. And while yes, I have some of those things, I do not want the sum total of my life to come down to those things. I want what I leave behind with my children, family, & friends to be more about experience, wisdom, provision, & love for God & others rather than just more stuff.

When I envision the life my heart desires, I see adventures. Adventures with my husband & our children. Those adventures may take shape as delving into new & exhilerating ventures at home…in new hobbies or business ideas. Or, they could play out as expeditions around the world. My heart longs tot travel the world, meet new people, experience different cultures, & demonstrate the love of Christ all along the way. I expect the heartbreak of losses unnamed but look forward to the healing & satisfaction I know I will receive from the perfect hope, peace, & joy in Christ, my Savior. I envision peace & contentment in the simple pleasures of life. I hope for the priceless & precious treasure of teaching our children to experience life & to live it with an open & satisfied heart for the Lord & whatever His plans are for them. When I die, all I know is that I will want to have done it big for the glory of the Lord rather than myself, & I will want to have inspired others to do the same.

While yes, as much as I want to leave behind provision for my family & the generations after, I want even more to leave behind the lesson that the number in the bank or “hitting life markers” on time is not what will define you or your life…but rather how you have lived for the Lord. 

When I die, I would rather have no regrets in my life or for the Lord. When I die, I want to have lived in a way so that when I stand before my Father, Creator, Comforter, & Friend…I may be able to hear the words, “Well done, my good & faithful servant.”

Be blessed, friends.

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