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A Few of My Favorite Things (The Christmas Edition)

If you know me, you know Christmas is my JAM. Like…I love it more than I love Fall. Actually, it probably ranks up there with coffee, in my book, so again if you know me then you REALLY know that’s saying something. It is one of my most favorite times of year. To me, it’s less about the presents, but more about the experience, the nostalgia, & the incredibly special time I get to spend with my family & friends.

So, here’s to you, your loved ones, Christmas, everything you love, & the beginning of a fresh new month.

A few of my favorite (Christmas) things, in no particular order:

  • The first twinkling lights that go up days before the first of December.
  • A cup of homemade hot cocoa with whip cream.
  • Wearing festive, sparkly, Christmas-y sweaters.
  • Setting up & decorating our Christmas trees around the house with my hubby.
  • Making new & sweet memories with my hubby every year.
  • Pulling out all our childhood ornaments to hang on the tree.
  • Watching White Christmas.
  • Hosting our crazy, annual “After Christmas, Christmas Party” (because really, whoever ACTUALLY has time to attend ALL the Christmas parties before Christmas).
  • Helping my parents “deck the halls” at their house (even though sometimes I don’t get to all the time).
  • Visiting Christmas light shows (ehhem…Meadow Lights is my local, frugal fav).
  • Using my fun, vintage Christmas mugs.
  • The smell of REAL Christmas trees.
  • Our yearly Christmas Eve & day routine: Christmas Eve Service, Christmas Eve with the in-laws, Christmas for me & my hunny, Christmas breakfast (w/ bacon, sausage, eggs, & Donald Duck OJ) with my parents, Christmas lunch (more like “linner”) with my Grandma, & then chill time after.
  • Doing an Advent Bible study to help me focus on, remember, & be grateful for the real reason for Christmas- the birth of my Savior, Jesus.
  • Listening to Christmas music (my favs: Relient K, Pentatonix, & classics like Bing & Sinatra).
  • Sparkly ornaments.
  • Fuzzy socks.
  • White Elephant games with friends.
  • Christmas caroling.
  • Christmas in New Orleans (I miss that place so).
  • Christmas at Biltmore (when I get the chance to go).
  • Visiting the Farmers’ Market at Christmas-time.
  • Wood fires in my parents’ fireplace.
  • Watching the Muppets Christmas Carol.
  • & probably far more than I can think of now.

Most of all, the older I get the more I find I enjoy time & experiences with loved ones more than I enjoy the popular commercialism of Christmas. I find I prefer more love for those around me than more things.

What are your favorite Christmas memories or traditions?

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