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A Heart of Gratitude

Writing has always been a kind of therapy for me. And honestly, I’ve noticed a change in myself since I started blogging- I’ve become a lot more positive. People don’t want to read negativity in a blog, we already get enough of that in our daily lives, social media, & on the news. Because of that, blogging has taught me to look more on the positive side of things, it has helped me see the good even in difficult situations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not naive, but it has taught me to find the good, the lesson, & the beauty of every situation.

So today, in the spirit of Fall & the approaching Thanksgiving holiday, here’s a list of things I’m grateful for. May it brighten your day & turn your mind toward the positive, good, & beautiful in your life…& remember to be thankful.

  1. Salvation, mercy, grace, & love from the Lord.
  2. Access to the Bible…it’s something a lot of people never or rarely have.
  3. My best friend & husband- his encouragement, positivity, generosity, & the impact he’s had on me.
  4. My family- for always supporting me & encouraging to be myself & do my best.
  5. My friends, both old & new, you mean the world to me.
  6. The mentors in my life- you have no idea how much you have impacted my life, thank you.
  7. My fuzzy fur babies- These little fuzzy creatures are the light of my life. They make me laugh, smile, & feel loved no matter what.
  8. Laughter- not talking about a sympathy laugh, but a throw-you-head-back, squint-your-eyes-like-anime, deep belly laugh.
  9. Coffee- my life is insane…so enough said.
  10. Cute coffee mugs- Coffee is great, but drinking it from a cute mug makes it even better.
  11. My job(s)- Wife, finance officer, small business owner, blogger…like I said, my life is crazy, but I’m so thankful for these jobs. I’ve learned so much & they’ve helped me grow as a person & in my confidence.
  12. Rain days- yes, it sounds strange, but rainy days mean staying indoors, quiet, & time to rest & relax.
  13. Books- they give the opportunity to learn & travel through space & time without ever having to leave my couch.
  14. Writing- the ability to express myself in ways I struggle to verbally.
  15. Other humans- you know that feeling you get when you see a candid photo of someone being themselves or hear a story of someone’s resilience through horrible circumstances…yes, that. Human beings surprise us all in good ways if we look for it.
  16. Other cultures- I love learning how others live, the traditions & values that are different than mine, but just as beautiful. Experiencing other cultures helps you see the world from others’ perspectives.
  17. Food- if you know me…you shouldn’t be surprised to see this on my list…I mean, really.
  18. A good thrift store- it’s fun to find quirky & cool little treasures…the ultimate place where another’s trash can become your own treasure.
  19. History- as a former history teacher, I find it fascinating to look back & see how the things happening today have somehow occurred because of effects from events from hundreds, even thousands of years ago. Whoever said there’s no point to learning history is a silly-dumb-dumb.
  20. Art- In just about every form, it is stunning…the incredible way we, as humans, can express something so deep that words can’t explain it…sometimes only imagery can express the things we need to get out there.
  21. Handwritten letters- I mean, come on…who doesn’t love getting a good, old-fashioned piece of snail mail that’s NOT a bill or ad!
  22. Coffee shops- again, if you know me, you know this is a given. They’re fantastic places to just sit, people-watch, & hammer out a good blog.
  23. Traveling- I love this & I wish I could do more of it. This goes back to my love of humans & culture, it’s hard to love & experience these things if you always stay in the same place.
  24. My glasses- My eyesight isn’t the greatest…so most, if not all of these things, wouldn’t be as impactful in my life without being able to see them.
  25. Flowers & nature- I love the outdoors, I love plants. They’re a quiet, stunning example of life & beauty & it’s most simple.
  26. A good hike- again, I love the outdoors, so being outside on a walk or hiking through the woods…there’s not much better to get outside of your own head a little.
  27. Living in NC- I love this place. It’s home. There are mountains on one side, beach on the other, & so much to see & do. I couldn’t imagine calling anywhere else home.
  28. Endorphins- I mean really…as much as we all hate working out…the endorphins afterward make it all worth it.
  29. The amazingness that IS the human body- Honors anatomy & physiology was one of my most favorite classes in high school. When you really get down into the nitty-gritty of how your physical being is constructed & works…I don’t know how you could think you were an accident on this planet…
  30. Colors- again…this applies to everything else on this list. There’s something about adding color that adds a little spark of life & humanity…I really couldn’t imagine not being able to understand or know what colors were…they’re indescribable.
  31. Plumbing- yes, I know. You’re probably wondering why this made it on my list of things I’m grateful for…but again…as a former history teacher…all I can say is go read stories about the 1900s & before…that’s enough to make you grateful that we don’t live like that. Btw–HEADS UP! 😉
  32. Music- Pretty much all kinds of music…except hard rock/screamo…but classical, hymns, etc. There’s something about music that reaches the quietest, but most beautiful parts of our hearts.
  33. Dance- I love to dance. The expression of excitement, joy, sadness, life…played out to music & movement of the body. It is stunning beyond words.
  34. Stranger Things- Hands down…this is my most favoritest show ever…go watch it if you haven’t.
  35. Fuzzy blankets in the cold of winter- there really is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good book & hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate…but it just wouldn’t be the same without the fuzzy goodness of a microfiber blanky. Just sayin’.
  36. My crockpot- It makes my life so much less crazy…fewer dishes, less hovering over a watched pot…
  37. My home- it is hectic & often messy…but it is home.
  38. Spring- the sign of new life, the first sounds of the birds chirping after a long winter…it stirs something inside me.
  39. Fall- the closing of a good, long time of growth & life. The realization that things come to an end, but it doesn’t mean it has to be ugly…it is filled with quiet, rustling beauty.
  40. Good memories- there are so many, I could never pick just one. But they’re bright, shining moments in my life that make life so absolutely worth it, so absolutely beautiful…

I don’t say these things to be focused on the material…but rather, to remember that I should be grateful for everything God has put in my life…from the relationships to the simple things. From the individuals to the beauty of the sum total. There is always something to be grateful for. Sometimes you just have to take a moment, pause, & open your eyes so you can see it right in front of you.

What are things you’re grateful for? Share in the comments.

Happy November, friends. Be blessed!

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