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The Power of Looking to Others, Pt 2

As much as looking to others can lead to inspiration & motivation…it can also bring up just as much negativity….especially in today’s society when our culture is SOOOOOOO saturated in social media the best #instaphoto or cutest #selfie.

If we’re not careful…looking to others in the wrong way can lead to more damage in life than good…

Looking to others through the lense of them vs. me, what they have vs. what I don’t, their life vs. mine can lead to resentment, bitterness, & anger. It steals joy & satisfaction from the good that’s already before us.

I’ll be honest, it has happened to me. It especially comes up when there is something my heart is longing for that I can’t or don’t have. Whether it be financial security/stability, discipline, a child, cool stuff, cute clothes, just an all-around, seemingly-perfect life. When we focus on those things instead of being satisfied & thankful for our own, it can be dangerous.

Remember that social media is just a snapshot of life. A lot of times it’s a posed, perfected, framed, or staged part of life. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not genuine or real, but we should take it with a grain of sale. We should also be careful to make sure instead of comparing ourselves, lives, & possessions, we should be gracious & grateful. We should be grateful for the things we have ourselves & we should be happy for our friends & their good things, too.

Many times, it’s easy to become jealous because others have the things that we want. What we have to remember is to be grateful for the things we ALREADY have in front of us & remember someone else’s ownership or experiences don’t detract from the things we can own, do, & experience for ourselves.

Life is like driving a car. If we’re too focused on what’s going on in the lanes around us rather than watching our own lane & driving…we may crash & burn. If we’re not careful, by focusing too much on what others have instead of the life we have in front of us…we can miss all the good in life because we were jealously watching others instead.

Always look for ways to grow, but take the time to be grateful for the things you already have. Don’t crash & burn because you’re too busy being jealous over someone else’s life rather than living your own.

Be blessed, friends.

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