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The Power of Looking to Others, Pt 1

Looking to others can inspire. You can see qualities in those around you- qualities that you want to become yourself. You can look around & see people working hard, striving to become something great, accomplishing unimaginable things. Looking to others can move you to look inward & change yourself. It’s part of the word- inspiration…in…spirit…when we’re inspired, something inside just stirs to change & grow & just become something great.

We can see that all over our society. We look at people on social media & see how their lives are. It inspires us to become more, to become better. We can see new ideas & the things people are accomplishing in magazines, pinterest, social media, when we watch the Olympics, news stories, or just in the every day lives of our friends & families.

Looking to others can lead to inspiration. It can inspire us to get in shape. It can inspire us to make improvements in our homes, it can inspire us to make positive life changes, it can inspire us to organize. It can give us hope that if they made it through then so can we. It can inspire us to take hold of opportunity instead of taking it for granted. It can inspire us to look for the positive & beauty in life…even when everything around seems dark. It can inspire & remind us there is a light on the other side, we just have to keep striving forward to get to it.

I know for me it has. I have looked to others to challenge me, to encourage me. I have looked to the things others have accomplished & realized I can do the same things if I work hard. I have looked to others for advice in solving my own problems because I realized I was frozen and couldn’t solve anything myself.

We can never live this life alone. Sometimes it requires looking beyond ourselves for more. Sometimes it requires looking outside of our comfort zones & outside of our own minds & ideas…to look to others to help lift us up…to look to others to focus in on the goals for our own lives.

Who or what inspires you today? What dreams & goals have been stirring in your mind & heart?

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