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Thoughtful Thursday: The Power of Rejection


A word that no one likes to hear.

It’s one word that can shatter everything. It can destroy you. It can sting and break your heart. It can make you want to scream, cry, stomp your feet, throw a temper tantrum, and act like a toddler. It’s a word that can challenge your deepest desires. It’s a word that can take away your hopes and dreams. It can shut you down and make you depressed. It can make you wallow in self-pity and retreat inside yourself, never to be seen or heard again. It can leave you defeated and broken…

But only if you let it.


It can be a word that challenges you. It can stir you to re-evaluate everything and check yourself. It can make you change direction and find a better way. It can keep you from settling for something less, it can keep you moving and keep you striving for bigger and better dreams. It can shift your focus from your self and your own desires to the better way God wants you to go. It can humble you. It can be hard, but it can open you up to new options. It can force you to live and think outside the box instead of being constrained by the norms of this world. It can keep you from becoming a selfish, self-centered brat. It can make you stronger and more determined to prove it wrong.

But only if you choose to let it.

Which way will you choose?

“Opposition is a natural part of life. Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition – such as lifting weights – we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.” -Steven R. Covey

“I take rejection as someone blowing a bugle in my ear to wake me up and get going, rather than retreat.” – Sylvester Stallone
“Behind every successful man, is a trail made of determination, a path of overcoming failures, several rest areas of prayer time, and friendly mentors pointing out the direction!” – Doug Seaton

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