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A Memorial Day Thank You

I know a lot of people in the military & both of my grandfathers served. I have been fortunate, though, to have never lost a loved one to war.

But to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice, to those who lost a loved one: I am so sorry for your loss but I thank you for your incredible willingness to serve & give.

On Memorial Day, we see so many images that say things like “you have your day at the beach because they gave their day on the beach,” or people getting excited about a 3-day weekend & cookouts. Yes, we do get those things, but I feel like Memorial Day should be treated with much more somber respect than it is. We should be seeking opportunities to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice & to honor those who’ve lost their loved ones.

So, in honor of service members that gave the ultimate sacrifice: thank you.

Thank you for…

  • volunteering to serve or follow orders when drafted.
  • being willing to part from your family for training & battle when you wanted to stay.
  • facing danger when you wanted to run the other way.
  • protecting the lives of your fellow comrades- maybe giving up your own life so they could come home.
  • fighting for our freedoms- freedom to travel, to speak our minds, to read new things, petition & protest things we’re for or against, to vote for our representatives, to gather & pray, & so much more.
  • fighting to defend our citizens.
  • fighting to defend people that aren’t our citizens.
  • being the voice & defense of those abused & taken advantage of in places that are not America.
  • rescuing those in danger, even if they’re not Americans.
  • fighting people who think they can oppress & force political & religious beliefs through the use of terror.
  • your willingness to leave behind an honorable legacy.
  • your willingness to sacrifice your families’ birthdays, achievements, anniversaries, & celebrations.
  • your willingness to protect & serve even when you may not agree with your leaders.
  • your willingness to give your everything & your life for the sake of your family, you country, strangers around you, & the world.

Thank you.

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