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The Value of Laughter

Laughter…it’s one of my most favorite sounds in the world. It can make a bad day great. It can relieve stress. It can break the ice in an awkward conversation or help you make friends. And just like the way we use words, the way we laugh can communicate a lot. Laughter communicates if you’re genuinely happy, sarcastic, when you truly think something is hilarious. There are so many styles of laughter: the throw your head back laughter, deep belly laughter, snickers, silent laughter, sarcastic laughter, and many more.
Laughter has got to be one of the most contagious things in the world…other than yawns & colds, that is. But really, I’m sitting here, writing & thinking about laughter and it’s making me smile & want to laugh. Or…when it has been a hard day and you’re in a bad mood, when someone gives a deep laugh it sparks a little bit of joy in your heart. And those hilarious laughing baby videos. Oh my gosh…it’s just absolute, pure, innocent expression shining light in the world. It makes you feel like a kid again.

When I think of laughter, the good kind, I think of my family. We have a tradition of having lunch at each others’ houses after church on Sundays. We rotate each week & we all chip in to bring something. We sit around the table, tell stories, make jokes, talk, and just love. There are so many times I just throw my head back and laugh a good gut-laugh.
Laughter is important in our lives. Think of any happy memory you have. How many are there that don’t include laughter? Most of them do. It’s a strange yet beautiful part of life. It really doesn’t make sense…these strange sensations of joy that go from our head down our spines, to the the center of our bodies, & then cause strange noises to erupt from our mouths…and yet it makes sense & feels right. Just like smiles, laughter transcends language barriers.

Strange yet beautiful. But I guess that’s life.

Have a good laugh today. God bless.

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