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Fun-Day Friday: How to Date Your Spouse for Free (Well…Almost)

So, as I said last week, my husband & I have a VERY limited date budget each month. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Here are some of the great “dates” we’ve gone on that have been free (or almost so) but have still been romantic and fun.

**Helpful hint: If your focus is on how expensive , dressy, or grand the date it, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying it’s bad to go on nice, expensive dates, but it IS bad if that’s all you’re worried about. Make sure your focus is on spending time with your loved one and always trying to get to know them better and better- no matter how long you’ve been together, 1 day or 38 years.

Free (or mostly so) Dates at Home:

  • Build a bonfire in your backyard (or fireplace), pull up a chair (or throw pillow on a cozy blanket), roast marshmallows, make s’mores, and just talk.
  • Hang string lights in a cozy corner, pull up a small table, make dinner and light a candle while you dine and talk.
  • Make it a game night- find your favorite board or card games and spend the night snacking, chatting, & laughing. Take the opportunity to be competitive but to show patience, compassion, love, & respect. Does your spouse know how to play a game you don’t? Let them teach you. Open yourself up to learning from your spouse, even if it’s just a game.
  • Is there a meteor shower in the forecast? Pull out some lawn chairs and watch the sparks of light in the sky. Sit quietly & listen to the sounds of nature around you while you observe an incredible astronomical event.
  • Pick out your favorite book, make hot chocolate (or coffee, or wine, or…whatever…) and read out loud to each other. Try to use the voices you think the characters would have. It’ll be fun to watch your spouse let down their guard and act silly in front of you. If you’re the one reading, you’ll learn to trust your spouse…knowing they respect you, even when you’re silly.
  • Go camping in your backyard (or living room). Put up your tent (or blanket fort) and snuggle down to the sounds of nature while you tell each other creepy stories.
  • Go for a bike ride, walk, or roller skating trip through your neighborhood.

Free (or mostly so) Dates Away:

  • Find a local park or popular walking site. Pack a picnic lunch and go for a walk. Hold hands, flirt, talk, get healthy together, and have fun.
  • Look up your local museums, find out what dates they have special exhibits or events, and go!
  • Find the local hole-in-the-wall restaurant that is absolutely the best place ever that no one knows about, pick 1 day a month you go there for breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  • Find your local inexpensive theater that shows movies months after they’ve come out. Depending on their prices, you could get out of there with only spending $15 (including tickets for movie, snacks, and drinks for each of you)
  • Go “For Real” camping! Find a local campsite, get away from your house for a day or two, live in the wilderness, and enjoy life. Make sure to research where you go so you know what to expect with the wildlife and amenities. But again, depending on where you go, this can be VERY inexpensive and VERY nice!
  • Take Ballroom Dance lessons together.
  • Check out for local deals on things like couples massages, crafting activities, meal deals, or wine tastings.
  • Find a local acting theater and support your home-town actors.
  • Find your local ice cream eatery and chow down on some DELICIOUS frozen-goodness!
  • Take a day- (or weekend) trip to the mountains or beach.
  • Go to a karaoke night at your local pub.
  • Look for local festivals or events put on by your town.

The list can be never-ending, it all just depends on where you are and what you want to do. Ultimately, you’ll get out of it all based on what you put in. Make your relationship centered around Christ and about forever-dating and courting your spouse, always trying to learn one more thing about them.

Your Turn: What is the most fun, yet inexpensive, date you’ve ever been on or come up with, with your spouse?

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