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Fun-day Friday: Frugal Family Fun at Grace Ballroom


My husband and I live on a very tight budget in both money and time. Despite that, we are big believers in dating even after the “I dos”. That being said, we have to be creative when it comes to date-nights…whenever we can fit them in our crazy calendars…because we only have a $20 monthly date budget. Whatever we don’t use each month (which often isn’t much) rolls over to the next month…so really, we HAVE to be creative.

We live in the Triangle area of North Carolina so there is plenty to do for free or very little expense, it’s just a matter of researching & planning ahead. One great option that is steadily growing in popularity (thanks DWTS) is ballroom dance lessons. It sounds intimidating, I know. Everyone says that, but it’s a great social skill to develop (you’ll ‘wow’ everyone that sees you dance because hardly anyone can do it these days), and if you choose the right studio, you can make lifelong friends.

Now honestly, my husband and I own a ballroom dance studio, Grace Ballroom, in Angier, NC. There’s no shame in a little self-promotion, right? Grace Ballroom is a ballroom dance studio & event venue. We offer all sorts of services in ballroom dance, line dance, Israeli Folk dance, & Zumba. We offer private dance lessons, private group lessons, public group lessons, dance parties, showcases, music lessons (piano & flute) & you can even rent out the facility to hold events of your own!

Our private dance lessons are $30 for a 30-minute lesson, by appointment.
Group lessons (45 minutes) and Friday Night dance parties (2 hours) are only $8/person, no appointment necessary.
Other packages are available, as well.

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But really, what a great date night! Imagine this tonight: you go out for a relaxing dinner, then head over to Grace Ballroom for a complimentary group dance lesson at 7:30 where you’ll learn, laugh, & have a great time. Then you can practice a little of what you learned in our dance party from 8-10pm. Or, make it a weekly date by coming to our weekly group lessons…for a total of just $16!!!

No matter where you go, though, research the studio you’re interested in learning with. Check out their reviews, ask about their prices. Go by a dance party (if they have one) to get a feel for the environment & what the other dancers are like- are the friendly, snobby? Make sure the dance instructors challenge you but are also patient…but don’t let them bully you into a package, either.  Ask yourself- “is this a place I will feel comfortable or something I’ll regret?”

Don’t take my word for it…I AM somewhat biased. Check out what some of our dance students have had to say about their experiences at Grace Ballroom:

“All my adult life I have dreamt of taking ballroom dancing lessons. Little did I know that when I walked through Grace Ballroom’s door that my life would indeed become very “rich”! The outpouring of the genuine desire to see each other [fellow dance students] succeed, the heartfelt concern for the person dancing next you, truly warms my heart and I honestly look forward to each and every lesson and/or event I attend.” – Zoe

“The…showcase I got to do will always be a special memory for me and I really appreciate all that David taught me and the confidence booster he gave me! …I really loved the Tango and Cha Cha…I [also] really love the atmosphere of Grace. It is small, intimate, and family-oriented. I love the camaraderie and how we all help each other…how we are like one big family! Nobody looks down on anybody else there, either.” – Gloria

“The showcase when I danced a Rumba with [my daughter], Heather, is a memory I will cherish forever.” -Danny

“I have really enjoyed the showcases I’ve attended. It’s so nice to see everyone looking their best and trying their hardest! I’ve really loved learning more of the Tango and Swing. …I also…really like all the technique he teaches in the advanced class. That makes it for me because it’s one thing for me to know the steps, but… [knowing] the reason behind each footfall or arm placement- [I] Love it! …I also love how everyone at Grace really, genuinely cares for their students. We’re viewed more as family and friends than paying customers. Plus we all hang out outside of Grace which just goes to prove that you guys really love us and aren’t only in it for the money like bigger studios. ” – Erin

“When I met my wife…I can honestly say that she is my best friend. After we were married for four months she comes home and invites me to go to some place called Grace Ballroom. As soon as I walked in the door I was nervous from the get go. Will people make fun of me because I do not know how to dance? Will others think I look funny? The list could go on forever. But what happened was the exact opposite. Everyone was so welcoming…Grace Ballroom has been very helpful in that…I have better self-esteem as well as confidence in who I am. I go into Grace every week knowing that I will not be judged, [I will] be around friends who help me with learning ballroom dancing, and knowing that I have friends who care about me and I them.” – Brandon

All it takes is to at least give it a try. Whether you visit us or dance somewhere else- try it. And at Grace Ballroom, our motto is “Remember, you CAN dance!” Have a fun-day Friday!

For more info on Grace Ballroom & the Triangle Ballroom dance community, check out the links below:
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Your Turn! Do you dance (ballroom or otherwise) in the Triangle Area, NC? If so, share about the popular events, studios, & places you dance.

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  1. Shut it down to! You just made my cold hearted self all teary eyed! We are so lucky to have a local dance studio and one with such sweet owners. Love to you and David! ❤❤

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