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Electrically Entwined

So…if you haven’t seen the news in the past 24 hours, newsflash: there’s a massive snow/ice storm hitting states in the South- including my home state, North Carolina. Things started out pretty well for us today, but around 3pm the power went out. We were pretty well prepared for it- oil lamps, candles, blankets (since it is freezing), books to read, board games to play, food, water- all the necessities.

As I continued on, though, I noticed some surprising thoughts & actions…things I didn’t even realize were such a part of my daily life.

  • Every time I walked into a room I automatically went to turn on the light switch. Most times, I didn’t even realize it until I had already turned it on.
  • I became very aware of the battery life and data usage of my phone & how to make sure I could make it last longer.
  • If the power stayed off…how would I get my daily cup of coffee in the morning? — Pinterest (and using data/battery life) helped…cold brew coffee it was.

All these things struck me like static shock in a carpeted room in winter. I knew I was dependent on electricity for a lot…but I didn’t realize just how much. Now don’t get me wrong- I won’t die without it. I’m a tough girl and I’m cool with toughin’ it when necessary. But again…I didn’t realize just HOW much I am dependent on it for little conveniences.

In some ways…maybe the power going out can be a good thing- making me grateful for when I do have it, refocus my thoughts & actions to being okay without it, making me use the time without it wisely and without distraction, preparing me for when I don’t have it, & in general- quieting my crazy life. I guess sometimes we all have to take a break from being so electrically entwined.

Happy snow/ice day. Be warm. Be safe. Be grateful. Be blessed- In Christ.

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